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I have a Dream . . . ! by kombizz
I have a Dream . . . !

When I woke up and turned my computer, I saw this Google Page showing the cracks on the infamous Israeli Wall which apparently were done by international solidarity of Palestinian and Western People.
I couldn't believe what I saw . . . . .   , and then I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and saw it was to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall -
I hope one day soon, my dream will be REALITY !

1989: Berliners celebrate the fall of the Wall
The Berlin Wall has been breached after nearly three decades keeping East and West Berliners apart.
At midnight East Germany's Communist rulers gave permission for gates along the Wall to be opened after hundreds of people converged on crossing points.
They surged through cheering and shouting and were be met by jubilant West Berliners on the other side.
Ecstatic crowds immediately began to clamber on top of the Wall and hack large chunks out of the 28-mile (45-kilometre) barrier.
It had been erected in 1961 on the orders of East Germany's former leader Walter Ulbricht stop people leaving for West Germany.
Since 1949 about 2.5 million people had fled East Germany.
After 1961, the Wall and other fortifications along the 860-mile (1,380-kilometre) border shared by East and West Germany have kept most East Germans in.
Many of those attempting to escape have been shot dead by border guards.

The Israeli West-Bank barrier is a barrier being constructed by the State of Israel, consisting of a network of fences with vehicle-barrier trenches surrounded by an on average 60 meter wide exclusion area (90%) and high concrete walls up to 8 meters high (10%). It is located mainly on Israeli-occupied territories in the West Bank and partly along the 1949 Armistice line, or "Green Line" between Israel and Jordan which now demarcates the West Bank.
About 90-95% of the barrier will be constructed as a "multi-layered fence system" with the IDF's preferred design having three fences, pyramid-shaped stacks of barbed wire on the two outer fences, a lighter-weight fence with intrusion detection equipment in the middle, an anti-vehicle ditch, patrol roads on both sides, and a smooth strip of sand for "intrusion tracking".
The barrier contains an on-average 60 metres (200 ft) wide exclusion area. The width of some sections is larger (up to 100 metres (330 ft)) due to topographic conditions. The width of some sections (about 6% of the barrier) is 3 metres (9.8 ft) where the barrier is constructed as a concrete wall up to 8 metres (26 ft) high.
The IDF has installed a new crowd-dispersal weapon on top of the separation wall in Bethlehem. The new weapon, which is remote-controlled and shoots “skunk” water (putrid-smelling liquid), began operating over the last month. According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the weapon can also fire tear gas, among other crowd-dispersal means.

Israeli West Bank barrier
Stopt The Isreali Wall
If Americans Knew
Israel's Wall in the West Bank
Berlin Wall Vs Israel's Apartheid racist wall
Israel’s Confiscation Barrier through the West Bank
Closed Zone
No Way Through !
Wall of Shame - Documentary Video on Apartheid in Palestine
Israel to build 'smart fence' around Gaza Belt

I am Israel
Eye On Israel

Oscar Nominated Palestinian invited to Academy Awards BUT ...
Palestinian homes sprayed with sewage as a punishment for organising protests against the Apartheid Wall
I have a Dream . . .

Google Doodle Berlin Wall 2014 (25th Anniversary)
the Israeli WALL - (09/11/09 : Which anniversary)? - Double Standards!

Palestinian Holocaust by kombizz
Palestinian Holocaust

Fidel Castro Ruz:Palestinian Holocaust in Gaza
Top American journalist Imploding the Myth of Israel MUST SEE!!!

Gaza under siege: naming the dead

Shocking Video of DESTROYING Palestinian homes
Tomgram: Oded Na'aman, Is Gaza Outside Israel?
From persecuted to persecutors: the lessons of zionism
Children describe torture in Israeli solitary confinement
Israelis torturing non-Jewish children. 2014 Australian documentary film
An Israeli Soldier's Story - Eran Efrati
List Of Names That Will Break Your Heart
Rania Masri Speech: ' Mr. Obama, what is barbaric?'
Palestinian Prisoners Solidarity Network
International Campaign for Releasing the Abducted Members of Parliament

Gaza under siege: naming the dead

Occupied Palestine
Stop Arming Israel
Names of Palestinians Killed in the War on Gaza since 8 July

Closed Zone
I am Israel
Who is Who in Palestine

-->Video: Occupied Air <--

US Leaders Aid and Abet Israeli War Crimes, Genocide & Crimes against Humanity

The Israeli “#StopTheRockets from Gaza Myth” – Photography
A Song for Gaza: The Ballad of Rivka and Mohammed
US Stands Alone in Vote Against UN Inquiry Into Gaza Assault
The Map: A Palestinian Nation Thwarted and Speaking Truth to Power

UK Police limit number of protesters to just 10 at a time !!
Article 11 Right to protest and freedom of association

Gaza after the ceasefire - Photos

=======>> M U S  I  C  <<================

Music: Palestinian Genocide

Pink Floyd - Song for Palestine

Lowkey - free Palestine lyrics
Lowkey - Long Live Palestine Part 2 (lyrics)

Ambassador free Palestine

Israeli war leaves over 100,000 Gazans homeless: UN

Rebuilding Gaza costs over $7.5 bn: Experts
G A Z A ==> Collection of photos for the month of July, August 2014

There are no bombs at the moment, but we will live with this destruction for years to come. I wish all of you ‪‎share‬ this video in your wall and with your friends and in all groups and in all pages .
The areas BEFORE & AFTER Israeli bombardment !! - WATCH  NOW

Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel

Farrakhan on Israel's Genocide in Gaza

AMCHA Publishes List of Over 200 Anti-Israel Middle East Studies Professors

Victims in Gaza in 2014

Thousands of Gazans traumatized due to Israel war

The Religious Poster by kombizz
The Religious Poster
Who was Ali al-Asghar?
He was the youngest son of Imam Hussain and Rubab (the daughter of the chief of the Kinda Imra al-Qays tribe).
He is honoured by all muslims as being the youngest martyr (6 months old) at the battlefield of Karbala.
Abdullah "Ali al-Asghar" was born in Medina, and was one of the three sons of Hussain. The other two were Imam Zain ul-Abideen, and Ali Akbar ibn Hussain, who Yazid's forces also killed in the Battle of Karbala. His sister was Sakinah bint Hussain.
On the morning of 10th Muharram, Ali Asgher, fell from the cradle hearing the cry of his father Hussain. Hussain Ibn-Ali was called, and when he came, he saw the thirst that was gradually killing Ali Asgher.
Therefore, he asked permission of his wife who was the mother of Ali-Asgher to take him to the battle field and ask his enemies for water.
Imam Hussain introduced his son Ali-Asgher and asked water for his son. The Army of Yazid was so grieved that they began questioning their belief in Yazeed and his ruling.
Ibn-Zyad, the Commander of the Army of Yazid, ordered Hurmala to kill this child.
An archer Hurmala lifted his bow. Aimed an arrow at the child and killed the 6 month old baby.
Imam Hussain looked down at Asghar's neck, he saw the arrow, he saw the neck, he saw the smile and then he could see no more!!!

Ali Asghar

Remembrance of Muharram
Imam Hussain (a.s) and the 10th day
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God to see that some form of activism exists in the UK. WE here in Greece have had so much taken away in the past years. We now live in a modern day junta totally controlled by banks and the EU. It's amazing to think that one of the first democracies in the world has lost democracy so blatantly. The EU have decided that 360 euro per month is enough for a family to survive on in Greece and that id taxed at almost 50 percent if you own a home and a car....Modern day slavery has arrived in Europe and is spreading. Anybody , especially in the UK who would be considered as an " activist" has been totally demonized by the media.,.,We have now got cheap technology and expensive food. everything on on its head but us sheeple question nothing, Got an I something, so things must be OK... Nice collection. Keep the faith.
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